Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Some are singing the praises of Piers Morgan, because he’s shouty and  furious with the Government. I have a longer memory. He might be seen as a ‘key worker’, but he’s no hero.

Good Morning Britain viewers were recently subjected to the journalistic equivalent of a weeping foreskin ‘interviewing’ a swollen scrotum. There’s been applause for Morgan’s bullish approach to Mike Davidson, a dangerous individual, who believes in ‘praying the gay away’.

Bellowing display

To those cheering Morgan’s bellicose display, vada the wider picture. If the Good Morning Britain presenter was keen on LGBT rights, Davidson wouldn’t have been on on the show in the first place.

Morgan and GMB were rightly accused of bigotry followed their treatment of Munroe Bergdof. GMB perhaps assumed that a mouthy Morgan, dimly dismissing a ‘gay cure’ might heal that queer wound.

Online ire

Mike Davidson’s invitation to mainstream television is proof that  acceptance of queer lifestyles are as thin as a Rizla and just as likely to blow away.

Our lives, mental health and existence are STILL seen by most, as something tolerated with tight lips. There are conditions. Not too loud. Don’t ask for much.

I’ve written about Mike Davidson at least 6 times in the past 20 years, in a variety of publications. More qualified persons than myself have rubbished his God-bothering psychodribble.

Truth and lies

The UK Council for Psychotherapy says: “No responsible psychotherapist will attempt to convert a client from homosexuality to heterosexuality.”

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says: “There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish.”

Mike Davidson’s doctorate is in education, rather than medicine. Morgan might have highlighted that fact, rather than deferring to his title, while shouting at him.

Davidson has not only been ostracised by the therapy industry, but he’s also been investigated and suspended by the British Psychodrama Association. So, why wheel him out again?

Free speech?

The ‘free speech’ contingent were quick to defend his right to inspire homophobic violence and rejection of scientific evidence. Davidson is at liberty to say what he likes, within the law. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences or criticism.

Censorship is not this man’s enemy. The crucial question remains- why give him another platform when he’s been discredited and nearly half (45 %) of LGBT pupils – including 64 per cent of trans pupils – have been bullied for being LGBT in Britain’s schools?


Bullying bollocks

Piers Morgan did more damage than good when he balled: ‘Michael, stop talking for a moment, stop banging on about wacky backy scientists in America – I’m asking you a question, it’s this: prove to me that you’re straight.’

This is no better than LGBT asylum seekers being forced by the Home Office to ‘prove’ their sexuality. Same shit, different arse. And it’s meaningless. Even if this deluded ‘doctor’ had mounted Susanna Reid while bellowing the offside rule, it wouldn’t prove his heterosexuality. It would merely prove that Morgan is a idiotic bully.

Listen up

A person is entitled to identify in any way they decide. If they choose to present thesleves as cured of being gay- fine, but others are entitled to point out that one can’t be cured of a non-illness.

Same-sex attraction is not a disability or a disorder, a fact acknowledged by every mainstream health organization in the civilized world.

Nobody is obliged to seek a change of orientation to please anyone else or to conform to anyone else’s concept (whether based on religion, evolutionary theory or anything else) of ‘normal’.

A determined motivation to change (sexual orientation) is no more likely to succeed than a strong desire to win the lottery.

Futile mission

Even if no discernible harm is caused by the ‘therapy’ itself,  victims of this treatment often regret wasting years on a futile mission to control sexuality, instead of living and celebrating it.

Dismissing this man’s authority is not to deny that sexuality can be fluid. Of course it can. One may also note, there’s less enthusiasm from evangelicals to ‘convert’ lesbians via prayer. These men are threatened by other men’s sexuality and seek to crush it with the same fury they use to drown their own queer desire.

Straight acting

You can avoid acting on your queerness, but that doesn’t make you straight. That’s just discipline and repression, which never ends well. Choosing religion over your sexual orientation won’t make you straight either. Nor does it make you ex-gay. It’s a just another performance.

There’s nothing miraculous about living a lie. The truth is that Michael Davidson and his coven of closets are simply unable to reconcile their religious beliefs with their innate sexual orientation. And Piers Morgan is a prick.

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