Hex Hector

Hex Hector

Hex Hector is one of the most influential DJ/producers on the planet. He started spinning at block parties in New York in the late ‘70s and became a fixture at the city’s wildest discos. In 2001 he bagged a Grammy for his mix of Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and has worked his magic on Madonna, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, George Michael and Janet Jackson.

When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?
When I got my arse kicked in bowling by a chick! It happened last night, actually.

If you could own any piece of art in the world, what would it be?
Jean Michel Basquiat’s Brother Sausage

When did you last have a really good night out?
Last Thursday at Cielo for Danny Krivit and Osunlade. Two of my favorite DJ’s. I danced for 3 hours non-stop.

What’s your favourite item of clothing and why?
My Cutler & Gross Dark Turtle opticals. I’m blind as a bat and can’t see shit without them.

Do you think producers and DJs have it too easy these days?
Not really. Cutting tape was time consuming, but the true work came from the creativity. Coming up with the ideas is the really hard part.

You earned your stripes working at New York’s most legendary clubs, when the city was more decadent. Has it been cleaned up too much?
There is still much debauchery to be had. You just gotta know where to find it. True degenerates like myself can easily find trouble

If you found Barrack Obama in your DJ booth, what would you say to him?
No You Can’t!

Hex Hector DJing

Which DJ(s) would you make an effort to hear play out- if any?
Osunlade, Danny Krivit, D Mass, Angel Moraes.

Should marijuana be legalised?

Does the moral character of an orgy change when the participants wear Nazi uniforms?
LOL! I didn’t know any orgy had moral character.

What’s the shadiest club you’ve ever played at?
I was about to play an illegal afterhour not too long ago on the lower east side of NYC. The minute I walked in, the place wreaked of sketch! I was excited to spin actually. 20 minutes after my arrival the cops raided the place and arrested all the staff. If I had gone on any sooner i would have been locked up.

Hex Hector in DJ booth

How do you stop yourself from going off the rails?
Easy. I’ve got a job to do. I don’t do it very well chemically enhanced.

Is it still possible to make money from dance music?
The value is in the exposure and subsequent touring that follows. As for sales, making money is nearly impossible.

You heard the likes of Larry Levan at Paradise and Kenny Carpenter at Bonds- what DON’T you hear about the discos in that era?
I have way too many stories from that era. I will share one. There was a club in NYC called Gotham West. DJ Raul was the resident and in my opinion a hugely influential DJ who never got his due in the press or NYC lore. Anyway, Gotham’s held a contest there called ‘Freak Of The Week’. One contestant won by inhaling and puffing a cigarette with her pussy!

If you could go back in time to a night out during those party days, which one would you relive and why?
The first night I set foot in the Garage. September 1981. It changed everything! I went from being a hip hop, breakbeat DJ to a Larry disciple in one night!

Larry Levan DJing at Paradise Garage

The late, great, Larry Levan

Do you miss vinyl?
I miss the sound of it. I miss smell of it. I miss the labels, credits and liner notes. I don’t miss lugging that shit around.

What album will you keep listening to and never get bored of?
The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

You’re out in a club what tune, old or new would make you wanna get up and dance?
Right now. “At the Club’ by Timmy Regisford Feat. Lynn Lockemy

First Published: The HospitalClub.com, Dec 2010

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