Danny Rampling

Danny Rampling

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When and where did you last have a really good night out?
Last weekend played an acid house set at the Old Grey Acid Test party- rocking night at the Macbeth Hoxton

If you could own any piece of art in the world, what would it be?
Anything by classic British artist Graham Sutherland

With the 20 year anniversary of the Summer of Love- do you ever tire of talking about it?
Did Timothy Leary ever stop talking about the ‘60s summer of love? When an experience makes such an impact on so many lives, it stays with us forever!

At what age is it undignified to still be DJing?
Should there be an age limit? Ageism sucks! Created by insecurities of society, particularly prominent in the UK.


If you could re-live 24 hours from the acid house days, what would that occasion be?
The first night in Amnesia, open air, waves of joy, happiness, house music ‘til sunrise.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about that period?
Tabloid newspaper reports from that era, saying that acid music is evil and that it’s stealing our children’s souls.

Are you still friends with Nicky Holloway, Oakenfold and Carl Cox?
Sitting in studio with Nicky at present working with traktor dj software

Lots of our contemporaries got into quite a mess with drugs, how did you avoid that?
Focusing on music and when I wanted to party, it was always outside of DJ hours. I managed to get the work hard/play hard balance, coupled with keeping fit regularly.


You were (and remain) the DJ of choice for celebrity parties- did dipping into that world ever make you question your conscience?
I have played at some outstanding parties and always enjoy the events- the caviar was great! Still waiting for the invite to the playboy mansion

Are you going to Ibiza this year?
Yes, in a couple of weeks to IMS dance seminar event June 15th playing at Desert Island Disco for Nicky Holloway’s birthday party

Obviously it’s a changed place from ’88- is there anywhere left in the world that still boasts such spirit as Ibiza did then?
Ibiza is truly unique. Other places you can have a great time, although nowhere quite has the spirit of Ibiza.

Who makes you go weak with desire?
All beautiful Latin women.

Which of your achievements makes you most proud?
Being a pioneer of the UK house scene

If you could be trapped in a lift with any 3 living people – who would they be?
Personal development gurus Anthony Robbins, Keith Cunningham and Les Brown. The conversation would be most empowering

Is there any DJ you would make the effort to go and listen to?
Morales (David), Tenaglia (Danny), Knuckles (Frankie)- the classic original DJs

What are you currently working on outside of music?
An eco friendly house building project in Hastings, Sussex- (www.phoenixtrinity.co.uk)

First Published May 2009/Hospitalclub.com





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